Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dumb, Dumber and Deather

I don't know who is dumb or dumber the Republican/conservative machine(the deathers) or those in the public who believe them. There are few other issues more important for a patient to discuss with their physician then their living will and what their wishes are if and when they get close to death as we all will one day. Now when a physician who usually spends only 12-15 minutes per patient discusses these issues, which require much more time, they have to lie and claim that they are treating the patient for one of their conditions.
The more rational thing is to allow doctors to have open and frank discussions on these issues with their patients. Then allow the doctor to honestly bill for these services. To think that a legislation is going to get doctors to violate our Hippocratic Oath, how ridiculous. Patients need to understand what their choices are in a living will and their doctor needs to understand their end of life wishes. The proposed legislation simply allows physicians to have the appropriate time for this and to get fairly reimbursed for it. So don't be a dead head, a dumber or a dummy and work to get good health reform that covers everyone, has no pre-existing provisions and prevents Insurance Companies from denying care to those they insure.

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  1. Yeah, this whole bad actor/riot protest etc. from idiots on the 'dumbass' right bewilders me.

    Insurance companies already "ration" healthcare, I cannot get any insurance that I can afford because I have hypertension and a bit of asthma. And I am still unemployed.

    I have noticed that anyone that is extremely vocal on the 'this whole idea is bad" are folks that either a) are already on medicare or b) probably have never had to worry about paying for insurance themselves.

    Dumbasses, the whole lot of them.