Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hait Relief Mission: Dr Koslow Day 5

These are my facebook posts. I am puting them together in a blog for each day. If you read posts don't need to reread. If you want to see these posts with the comments go to

Haiti Relief Update:Just finnished doing dressing changes in the OR on my two big cases from yesterday. The solius flap looked great(forgot to take photo). the arm amputation looks good also. She feels much better. I have two more big cases a gastroc muscle flap to cover infected tial fx and a Full thickness skin graft. may not have enough anesthesia & OR staff to finish one or both. lots of cases booked

February 4 at 10:57am

Haiti Relief Update:the stafing situation is getting critical. We had close to 50 nurses/emt's/drs and helpers till now. by sat they are going to be down to 12-15, No way the hosp can keep running.Most of the 15 are drs and they won't be able to do routine post-op nursing care.they desprately need nuses and emt's.The second disatser is these patients who need special care not getting it and losing their leg or life.

February 4 at 11:02am ·

Haiti Relief Update:Yesterday I had a pt that needed a blood transfusion. The pt had a HCT=17 HGB=5.5 we had arrange transport after I found out we could not get blood here(I asked the 1st dayand told enough blood was avail.). So I I forgot about the patient and today found she was not transfered because you need Hct=12/HGB=4 before they will accept you for tx for transfusion. 50% of the pts will die before.

February 4 at 11:08am

Haiti Relief Update:The original was home Sun then Sat since no flight Sun.(It would also give me a day to recover before work on Mon.) Then last night told they have reserved seats on flight fri and cannot assure getting out Saturday. i am torn because they need help and would like to stay even single day more if I can but don't want to get stranded. They cannot assure a flight till Tues. if I miss friday.

February 4 at 11:14am

Haiti Relief Update: The busiest people are in triage and urgancy(ER) they see 2-300/day then call us for a question.Interesting things I've consulted on have been baby with chronic hydrocephelis, woman with a brachial plexus injury from arm trapped 6 hrs, Uterine bleeding.They get no rest and are out in the hot sun w/o aircondition.They & the tent nurses are doing the most work & most are leaving w no replacement.

February 4 at 11:23am ·

aiti Relief Update:The pts are in 8 to a tent. They have no change of clothes & we guard what they have. They undress in the open with no privacy. today I walked into a tent and a women was standing there undressed washing herself.Those around her when not paying any attention.Tues we put a foley cath in a pt out in the open were everyone could look and see. Everyone acted like nothing was happening & ignored us.

February 4 at 11:30am

Haiti Relief Update: I am back in Des Moines. I will keep posting till I run out of things to post about. I have lots of pictures still to post and lots of video. I will spend my entire radio show Monday on Haiti. Go to at 2:00 PM central time Monday and click Watch the full video experience. I would love to have you call in and talk to me about my experience.

February 5 at 10:21pm

Hait Relief Mission: Dr Koslow Day 4

These are my facebook posts. I am puting them together in a blog for each day. If you read posts don't need to reread. If you want to see these posts with the comments go to

Haiti Releif Update:I found out the baby is doing well. Did three wound debridements under anesthesia yesterday. Then went with Dr Savam the owner of the Hospital to tour some of the damages and also to see the nice part of Haiti. we went up to the mountains at 3900 feet and saw a beautiful country.

February 3 at 8:05am

Haiti relief update:Just heard Sunday there will be almost no flights so will try to get out Saturday, back to USA. Do not know what city I will land in, will then have to find way home. Hope the airlines are accomadating.

February 3 at 8:00am

Haiti Releif Update: now for the fun part. Monday night we went to Pizza garden. I had Kibby an apetizer that is a falafal outside wityh a very spicy beef inside. Very good. The piza I had a slice of seafood and a slice of vegitarian. IT was as good as any I have had in States. All the resturants are about 20 minutes drive to an area hardly hit by earthquake. This seams to be the new social center.

February 3 at 8:07am

Nicole Ovregaard I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading your Haiti updates and find your work inspiring, its helping me get through my less than exciting school work. I want to be involved in medical humanitarian aid in the future. I know my mom told you a little bit about what I want to do but hopefully when you get back from Haiti we can talk more. Good luck!

February 3 at 2:18pm ·

Haiti relief Update:The french are playing nicer.I just did a fascinating case that the fr Plastic surgeon, he thinks fr are snoty also, helped me. I watched him do 2. A muscle flap that is never done in USA,reverse solius flap.She has a bad ankle fracture and it was poring out pus. I cleamed it out past 2 days and dripped a weak solution of clorax bleach over night. Today we did flap. Only chance to save her leg.

February 3 at 2:25pm ·

HaitiReleif Update. I have a sad case today a thirty year old mother of two who said it was hard doing her work before the quake. She had a crush injury and now her are is infected she is septic and at risk of dying. I will do an amputation to try and save her live at firstshe said she rather die then have it. The Haitian Ortho Doc talked to her and we are going to do it in a few minutes. Hope it saves her life.

February 3 at 2:31pm

Haiti releief Update:Last night wewere just aboutto go to dinner when a man was dropped onour curb by police and they left very quickly. He had no blood pressure. we worked for an hr and resucitated him but could not transport him to hospital with blood till am. So we left him with army medics at our hosp. with order...

See MoreFebruary 3 at 2:36pm

Haiti Relief Update:Last night we went to gourmet fr rest.Balsamic and gorganzola salad, trad haitian fish dish, red beens &rice(w capers) , swt potato, plantain.Hd bananas flambet for desert. lunch has been the same each day, beens&rice, corn and sardines. Itwas ok 1st day but everyday, yech.Stoped at supermarket&got 10# friut, apples(3 types),tangerines and bananas.I'mnot starving. Actually I may have not lost wt.

February 3 at 2:53pm

Haiti Relief update:It is realy amazing. Ussually you go to a new Hosp. and it takes weeks to get to feel at home. I am the senior surgeon now that every other surgeon has lweft. I am after 3 days the old dog on the block. Also you make bonds with the fellow workers like you've known them for months not days and hours. It is amazing experiance. Waiting for surgery to start. Hope to post more pics tonight.

February 3 at 2:56pm

Haiti relief update. 3rd night in a row as we were leaving 7:30 emergancy comein. Monday Baby Noah,Tues-truck hit pedestrian, tonight two, woman with dysfunctionsal Uterine bleeding and 13 Y.O. w acute appendicitis The anesthesiologist did not want to stay to do case but we finaly conjoled one to stay(keeps all 4here so their stuck anyway.They are getting patient ready for OR dr David from NYC Gen Surg will do it.

February 3 at 6:50pm

Haiti relief update:baby noah had gone to german hospital, he is doing very well, theywere able to take out I.v. the women who found him and has beentrying to

February 3 at 9:54pm

Last pozst continued:have her own baby for ten years. She feels god led her to find baby and has never left it's side. She will be able to adopt him

Lisa N. D'Amico I have been reading your posts about the miracles you are performing in Haiti. Thank you so much for doing what you can to save lives. It has been harrowing, painful, shocking, and uplifting to read what you are doing. Please be safe and know that there are many, many people back here who are inspired by what you are doing. Bless you.

February 3 at 10:04pm ·

Debbie Dicker Keep up the energy and all your good will. My prays and blessings are with you. Keep enjoying the experience. Thanks for being you! Love you cus.

February 4 at 12:15am