Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gap Report:Is there enough to feed world: #FoodPrize

World Pop will hit 9.4 billion by 2050.

WE need to double global agri output in 40 years. we are now growing at 1.4% per year and will be short by 30% we need to increase to 1.&% to reach these goals.  Population growth is heavily front loaded.  By the time we get to 2050 pop growth will plateua.  Any investment take time to pay off.

Keith Fugile: Rising Global Agri Prod,:
in last 4 years we have only grown productivity by 0.8 percent.  way below what we need to be.  We can get more output will increased acrage or increased yeild. TFP growth: increase productivity at all levels.
TFP total factorproductivity.  this is mostly due to new technology.this is 1.8%per year .  no other eresources have increasedin USA.  China and brizil have 3% per year.  SSA have <1% TFP growth.  Countries need both research and extension/edu capacity to maintain high TFP. 

Bill Lesher:Concluding remarks.
Water will be one of the main battles.:
Watch his closing remarks.

I will be updating this over next two days as I proccess video.  Check back. 

Five areas of e
international trade
private investment
streamline international development
Science development

1st quest:  Is it not inadequate to only focas on TFP:

I will be updating this with video  and questions.  So check back over next twodays.

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