Saturday, October 16, 2010

Maria Muldaur Farm Concert for Francis Thicke (D) SCTY AG Candidate.

Maria Muldaur
Maria Muldaur performed today for Francis Thicke campaign for Iowa Secretary of AG at the Des Moinesw Social Club.

I inteviewed him before the concert (see at bottom of this blog).  He performed with Maria and here are two short clips of that performance.

I inteviewed him before the concert and will be posting the inteview later today or tomorrow.  He basicly is concerned about the loss of the small farmer and the over importance of large corparate farms.  While he is not against tillage farming he is for trying to get greater part of the year with ground coverage.  Going from at most 4 months coverage to as he called it perenial coverage(though that doesn't  quite make sense) I think he means 8-12 months coverage.  Overall I found him very knowledgable about farming and agriculture.  I is very progressive but main stream from what I learned at the World Food Prize Conference this past week
I was told by his campaign manager that they have polling just finnished yesterdaythat has them within 3 points.  Which considering that the governors race has a ten point margin that is very good, if it can be trusted.  Unfortunately there were only 20 people at the event. 

This took place immediately before the Jeferson Jackson Dinner which is Iowa Democrats annual large fund raiser. This yearKeynote Speaker Gov. Ed Rendell.

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