Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kofi A. Annan,Ending Hunger in Africa. AGRA

Ending hunger in Africa:Change is now within our Grasp says Kofi A. Annan former UN Sect-Gen and current CEO Alliance for Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA):

Kofi Annan
" Africa is only continent which does not grow enough food to feed itself"

"Never before has there been such a collective drive for change"

The millennium goal of reducing hunger by 2015 will obviously not be met.  The goal is not to to eliminate hunger but to make it a sustainable system.

Our goal is to make smallholder farms Profitable sustainable and .

All African Govt to put 10% of their budget into agriculture and drive a 6% growth per year in production.

Central role of women farmers is finally becoming front and center.  However, rarely do they have title for land and they have problems with getting their product to market.  Less then 3% of all bank lending in Africa is ag related.

At last conference a large number of Bankers were present and this makes me optimistic about Africa's ability to turn the corner.  If we miss this current opportunity I don't know when we will get another chance.

Without a stable peaceful Africa our ambitions will not succeed.

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