Friday, October 15, 2010

World Food prize: Hon Rajiv Shah Head USAID: Hunger Fighters

Rajiv Shah
Hunger Fighters: Rajiv Shah

The Administrator of the USAID program.

Norman Borloug Commemorative research initiative.
   First effort to work on wheat rust UG 99. 80% of wheat in USA susceptible to this.  Generating rust resistant varieties. Convert CGAIR into several Mega programs.  Time to crisis to a few days. Work on the first 1000 days.  Move away from monetized assistance to extension aid.  Create markets for smallholder feed the world program.  $20M directly improve income of smallholders.  1/3 of Tanzanians below poverty, 1/3 of children show bodily stunting.  Joining with Gov't of Tanzania to three central regions where they have highest potential for growth.  Rather then have diluted country wide program.  we are focusing on small area that we can have success.  we are building roads, Japan building reservoirs and World Bank developing rice strains for region.  Our policy will lift 2M women out of poverty.

Feed the Future Private Investment Sector:  Facilitate small business in regions of need to work with those in need.

This is not just happening in Tanzania.  In Bangladesh, Ethiopia they have program to invest in sub region and small number of value change.  These programs will lift 1.6M children out of poverty.  This is in only four of the first twenty countries and in only sub regions.  Imagine when we can learn and replicate this we could have a foundation for a new sustainable Green revolution. 

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